East Park Medical Practice

east part medical practice

East Park Medical Practice

During October 2017 we undertook 3 visits to East Park. We visited at different times of the day in order to capture a range of views. We invited people to take our short survey while at the practise

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East Park Medical Centre Report

This year we are testing models for engagement with people who use GP practices. When developed we will consider a rolling programme to cover a wide range of GP practices in Leeds.


Shortage of appointments was a consistent theme with several references to people being asked to use walk-in or A&E for urgent appointments instead. Access to double appointments, interpreter support and a female GP were additional concerns.

The process to provide repeat prescriptions appears to have some issues. One of the respondents also talked about tests being repeated due to missing results.

Staff attitude – specific comments regarding the poor attitude of one of the GPs and some feedback on receptionist behaviours that need to be reviewed and addressed.

Self-check-in machines and buzzers weren’t working at both premises and many patients felt they provided both better privacy and a quicker check-in.

Service Provider Response

Following our visit in October 2017. East Park Medical Practice have provided an update.


Currently reviewing additional GP time to accommodate further appointments.

Created a poster to signpost patients to repeat prescription box. Clear signage.

Have introduced call recording to use as a training tool with staff.

This is now working and has been for some time.