MindMate Single Point of Access (SPA)

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MindMate Single Point of Access Report

Healthwatch Leeds (supported by Common Room) were commissioned by NHS Leeds South and East CCG (lead commissioner of the Future in Mind:Leeds strategy) to engage with young people and parents who had recently been referred via MindMate Single Point of Access (SPA).

We asked them about their experiences of MindMate SPA and their views about possible future developments including the option to self-refer and the introduction of an online parenting course.

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MindMate SPA Report

Over half (9) of the young people and all of the parents (7) said they had at some point asked for support from a professional with their/their child's mental health. Of these, four parents and one young person said they had been through MindMate SPA. One parent and two young people said they weren't sure whether they had been through SPA. Three out of the four parents who'd had contact with MindMate SPA rated it as OK, good or very good. To find out more click on the report on the left.


Use the comments in this report as a basis to explore how self-referral for parents and young people can be built in as an additional option to the referral pathway for MindMate SPA.

Ensure that any future self-referral process allows for a choice of 17 communication modes, to include as a minimum online and phone options.

Action Plan

Here is a sample of actions that Leeds CCG has completed based on our recommendations. To read in full click on the report on the left.


New CAMHS Service Specification sets out ambition to work towards self- referral option in MindMate SPA

Commissioners will work with the Provider of MindMate SPA to ensure this is the approach taken