Woodview Extra Care

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Woodview Extra Care

Healthwatch Leeds facilitated focus groups on three sites where the home care services are provided. The focus group that took place at Woodview Extra Care is the second one in the series. Click on the report to read in full.

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Woodview Extra Care

Customers offered constructive feedback on improving the service as well. We have made several recommendations based on customers’ opinions.  (Click on the report to read in full)


We recommend that the management review how rotas are organised in order to address carer continuity and enable more flexibility in arrangement.

Exploring ways of communicating to customers about the changes in their caring routine.

We recommend that the management explores ways of providing additional support to enable people to take part in social activities organised in house or externally.

Service Provider Response

Woodview Extra Care have responding to our initial report with a plan to use our recommendations to improve the service for their customers.  (Click on the report to read in full)


In ensuring that each customer is provided with the correct amount of care and support based on their needs, the service must operate an effective rostering and monitoring system which is auditable. This system in use ensures that each customer receives the correct amount of allocated time by a care worker for each visit.

Despite this several customers were unsure how to make a complaint. The service will therefore provide more literature on this.

The Extra Care Service works to ensure that people are able to take part, this can be by providing alternative visit times or helping people get to and from internal events.


Woodview Extra Care have provided an update on some of the outcomes from our original recommendations.  (Click on the report to read in full)


At each review of a customer’s care plan, the Named Worker has provided clarity to anyone who was unsure about the review process.

As agreed following the recommendations made by Healthwatch Leeds, the service ensured each customer was provided with leaflets and information on how to complain. Several customers received this in easy read format.

Hanover housing continue to work closely with the tenant’s forum to ensure in-house provision of activities is meaningful and customer led.