Follow Up Sexual Health Clinics

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Follow up visits to Sexual Health Clinics

This project was a follow up to the review of sexual health clinics that Healthwatch carried out in September 2016. The purpose of the follow up work was to check if the agreed actions from our previous visits had been implemented and to see what had changed or improved.

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Follow up visits to Sexual Health Clinics

We carried out visits to 4 of the 5 clinics, as no issues had been identified at Armley so this was not revisited. The clinic at Beeston had also moved premises since the last surveys were carried out so we needed to visit the new clinic. (Click on the report to read in full)


The findings indicate large variations between the clinics with the key changes and improvements being seen in Merrion Centre.

Clinics that we visited continue to have issues with signage, waiting times, privacy and communication.

Have a clear and consistent booking in system and ensure this is placed in clear view when people enter the clinic. Ensure the self-checkin machine is working.

Service Provider Response

It is clear that Leeds Sexual Health staff are providing excellent care in challenging circumstances and are mindful of the practical issues they need to resolve. (Click on the report to read in full)

Selection of responses

Training on processes and procedures for the Reception/Admin Team will take place late July to ensure all staff are updated and all working in the same way.

Two posters are displayed in reception area. Plan is to make them more visible. Message to be added to assessment form so patients are aware private room is available.

There is a booking in system which is managed by the receptionist. We recognise there are improvements to be made and this will be part of the receptionist move to the main area.