Health Visiting in Leeds

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Health Visiting in Leeds

This was a planned project that provided an opportunity to speak to people who have recently been in contact with the health visiting team. The aim was to get people’s views about the service and how it worked for them.
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Health Visiting in Leeds Report

The feedback that we have had from those that use the service is that on the whole this is a good, well run service with staff that are supportive and committed. There was high praise for individual staff members, both in group and one to one settings.

Many people valued the baby clinics and breastfeeding groups and found these to be crucial as a support and information point. There were some concerns expressed about staff being very busy and as a result of this sometimes not responding as they should.

Below are a few of our recommendations, to read them in full click on the report on the left.


Review with teams how different roles are explained. Work on having a consistent approach when doing face to face introductions at the first contact.

There needs to be a clear and consistent approach in terms of information and support provided across the service.

Review staffing, in busy clinics to ensure the service is fully responsive to the needs of parents and children. Look at using a range of options such as call backs to offer support to new parents.