Cardinal Court Care Home Report

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Cardinal Court Care Home

Cardinal Court is a Leeds City Council run Extra Care housing service with onsite home care support for older people and people who have physical and/or mental health difficulties. It is in the Beeston area of Leeds and comprises of 18 flats. Healthwatch Leeds facilitated focus groups on three the home care services are provided.

The focus group that took place at Cardinal Court is the first one in the series. Our aim was to find out customers’ experience and views of the homecare service provided on site.

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Cardinal Court Focus Group

Healthwatch Leeds staff and volunteers visited Cardinal Court on the 21st December 2017 between 10:30am and 12 noon.


During the focus group, we found high levels of satisfaction with the care service provided on site.
However, no one in the focus group knew they could ring an independent body i.e. Leeds City Council complaint’s department if
they are not happy with the service.

Action Plan

Follow Up report from revisit on 11 October 2018


several customers were unsure how to make a complaint. The service will therefore provide more literature on this.


Communicating the complaints procedure


In September 2018 we introduced a revised Service Brochure, this provided information to Customers on more ways for them to raise concerns, including speaking with Senior Managers.