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Get your rights in Health Report

After learning about their rights as outlined in the NHS Constitution, YouthWatch Leeds decided it was important to try and raise awareness about rights with other young people. YouthWatch volunteers and Healthwatch Leeds staff coproduced a session on rights in the NHS. During 2017, trained volunteers and staff co-facilitated the session in community groups and schools, culminating in a big youth-led event called #Getyourrights in Health in February 2018.
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#getyourrights in Health

This report and YouthWatch’s video will be shared with Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board as part of a workshop about ‘Barriers to Access’ in April 2018. It will also be shared widely with commissioners and providers of children’s and young people’s health services in Leeds.


Commissioners and providers should ensure that they take into account the three most important rights mentioned above when planning and delivering children and young people's health services.

We also recommend that they consider the importance of how they communicate and care for young patients and the lasting impact this may have.